Starting at noon Pacific Time on Saturday photographers across the world set out to capture the world as they experience it.  I'm madly prepping my submission, due at 5pm today!  

​Join us for a Seattle celebration of Long Shot participants and their images. Enjoy music, drinks and amazing artwork. The evening centers around a reverse auction, in which everyone has the opportunity to bid and take home images by local luminaries and up-and-coming photographers. Donate to PCNW that evening and go home with a unique Long Shot photograph! All are welcome to attend, whether you participated in Long Shot or not, on Saturday, June 25 from 5-9pm at PCNW.
PicturePhoto Credit: Luke Peterson, Long Shot 2016

Please consider making a cash contribution to Long Shot supporting PCNW. Any amount counts, whether it's $5 or $500. We rely on the support of our community for 30-40% of our budget in order to keep tuition and facilities access affordable, and our exhibitions free. Anyone can make a donation by clicking here.  Just scroll down to the section below registering to participate!

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