Another year's passed, and it's time again for Longshot!  This event is about spending a day with your camera and taking time to appreciate how photography connects us all, while supporting Photo Center NW.  Starting at 6pm Friday, photographers will start shooting anything that strikes their fancy straight(ish) through to 6pm Saturday 6/22. 

Consider kicking them a dollar or two in support of me and the local arts community.  By contributing to the Photo Center, you’re helping to sustain artist resources including rental darkrooms, digital labs and studios. Your gift supports innovative education programs in the photographic arts for students of all levels, as well as scholarship programs that provide essential support for young or emerging artists.

Or just show your beautiful face at the exhibit on July 27!

In this series I explore the memory of places I’ve been, and how those memories have shifted and faded. I've always been intrigued by how humans occupy and interact with space. These images are a representation of my favorite places – near and far. Each one is perfect representation of my experience in that moment, though not at all an exact representation of the landscape.  What's your favorite place?

Please join me at Nature Consortium June 13, sometime between 6 & 9 to chat about travel, memory, and maybe have a glass of wine.